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Much to my surprse, last time we had an Oracle sales team in they mentioned that Oracle is now in the business of NoSQL databases in additional to all the other database products they sell.

Isn't that basically Berkeley DB?

No, they make an actual NoSQL database now: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/nosqldb/overview/...

From the data sheet: "Oracle NoSQL Database is built upon the proven Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition high-availability storage engine". So it's BDBEE…

That is for the data store itself, and doesn't mean that the database is NoSQL or not. MemcacheDB for example is a NoSQL database that uses BerkeleyDB as a datastore. No different than you'd use InnoDB or RethinkDB with MySQL.

Is it significantly different from Riak? They seem very, very similar based on my superficial knowledge.

It blows my mind that something called Berkeley DB is owned by Oracle. You'd think it'd be a UC Berkeley project.

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