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I graduate from Texas this semester, but I'm not interested in the large Gantt chart consultancy firms and generic "business analyst" positions that roll through the business school recruiting system.

I've been teaching myself Linux/Ruby/Rails for a while, but I've had to scavenge time between school and work. I can make a basic forum in Rails, I know basic Git (have a Github), I've become comfortable in Linux, and I can deploy in Heroku/Linode box.

But I never had a mentor. After I graduate this month, I'd easily move to the Bay Area for this (or a job). But I suppose I might be too "advanced" for the offer.

It does not seem to me that way at all. In fact, I think that you are exactly the type of person that this program is perfect for. Honing your skills from where you are is going to be loads easier than starting from scratch. Having a rudimentary understanding of programming in this environment can only help you.

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