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Is it really possible to pick up RoR in 8 weeks to be useful to a company?

How is what you're offering any different than this site: http://teamtreehouse.com/

Super honest question, I'm fairly new to the web dev world.

IMHO, he did say you'll be passable as a junior dev(depends on the person's potential i guess). I think that this would be enough for most companies, especially if they think you have great potential and can grow/learn exponentially(like be a senior in 6 or less months)

There are some projects that don't need senior devs THAT much, like basic CRUD apps, etc. And you'll be "continuing" your studies under the company's mentors/senior devs.

So yes, I think 8 weeks of studying RoR can make someone useful to a company. Not all, but probably one that needs juniors

With hands-on, 5 days a week, many hours a day, intense one-on-one mentoring, I'm still skeptical.

The main reason I asked, and why I'm a little skeptical, is I see a lot of places (in the Los Angeles area) that require additional knowledge in a myriad of other technologies; MySql, JavaScript, Html etc. along with Ruby/Rails or Python/Django.

I apologize for sounding brash, but this sounds a little too good to be true, almost DeVry ITtech ish...

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