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I discussed this very idea with @bendycode this past summer. Kudos to you kicking it off and best of luck!

Here are some things we discussed are important for RoR devs to know. ymmv.

Effective pairing skills Mastery of the CLI Experience deploying to Heroku & non-heroku hosts Git knowledge Spec tests Feature tests Haml/SASS Ajax UX/Jquery Configuration Management Twitter Oauth Twitter API Facebook Oauth Devise & User login/sessions File uploads and S3 storage DelayedJob Cron tasks Pagination Caching Search Index (eg: Solr, Sphinx, etc) API consumption API creation/support

I personally would refrain from getting too far into Haml/SASS without first creating a significant understanding of the underlying HTML and CSS. While these tools are certainly effective, it seems like it would be foolhardy to not start from the ground up as there are more projects built with straight HTML/CSS. Especially given that a junior developer is likely to be maintaining existing projects, not necessarily rolling your own.

Great list! If you get a chance, I would love to connect and hear more about you guys have thought about. Maybe we can work together.

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