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ghurlman 878 days ago | link | parent

So, you're a rails guy that decided to become a recruiter?

scarmig 878 days ago | link

That's not a fair way of describing him, as he's actively becoming a supplier of new developers, not merely acting as a middleman.


kabuks 878 days ago | link

Sort of.

I'm a rails guy, who really enjoys being around people. And I'm asking companies to pay me to train devs, instead of find devs.


ghurlman 878 days ago | link

So a recruiter/trainer. I don't mean that to sound derisive - lord knows we need lots more of both competent developers and recruiters.

Good luck to you!


svmegatron 878 days ago | link

That sounds like an awesome way to carve out a niche. Best of luck to you!


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