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If there was a way to do this from Minnesota, I might be interested.

This is really interesting to me, because I too am very interested in something like this but I'm not in a "startup hot spot" like the bay. I'm tempted to just apply for a visa and come down, but I think the OP would be wise in looking at ways to take this idea outside of the usual circles of startups.

Also as a sidenote, codecademy, is a great tool for learning code from anywhere in the world. It's not bad, probably not as good as a hands on instructor, but it's certainly a worthwhile endevour to explore if you are really interested in learning how to code.

There's One more here, again from Minnesota interested in this course.

I've been doing rails work in the Twin Cities for 5 years. If either of you are interested in something locally let me know.

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