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My personal experience in wrapping non-trivial Java libraries in Scala and Clojure is that with Clojure it usually just works and it works quickly. In Scala I am usually reduced to an extra hour or two of adding manifests to signatures until the compiler accepts it.

I am disappointed with Scala and having lived through EJB 1, EJB 2 and then onto Spring and EJB 3, I agree with Steve it makes me feel exactly the same as I felt about EJB 1 and EJB 2 - that is I am being sold overcomplicated technology as a panacea. I want a powerful language with a simple syntax, for example Lisp, ML or Haskell, not a powerful language with a complicated syntax like C++. Does Scala really want to be known as Java++?

I think the criticism of implicits is valid and should be addressed by the scala community, it is a frequent occurrence for me to be left scratching my head when reading code because something is bringing in an implicit declaration unbeknownst to me.

Also one complaint not made by Steve is compile times, reasonable in SBT, unreasonable using the typical build tool used in legacy Java projects.

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