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When do we get ARM chromebooks?

They have been 'coming soon' since May.

This would be a killer feature for me. If a notebook can have a similar battery life as an iPad, that's a huge feature.

If I have a keyboard/track(pad|point) combo, I don't need/want a touchscreen. Thus I'd prefer a halfway-decent ARM chromebook over, say, a Transformer Prime, or an iPad+bt-keyboard-case (otherwise you're spending half your time with your arm raised, messing with the touchscreen)

I've been waiting for that for a while, and even bought an Efika MX Smartbook.

It's not worth it.Just buy an AMD fusion laptop. I got the Thinkpad E325 and it's much more powerful than either Atom or all current ARM chips and battery lasts for 7h+.

Is it possible to get a small review of the smartbook? It appears that you don't like it but I am curious.

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