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They need to ditch the atom processors. They should be embarrassed that their new hotness flagship product, Google+, is unusably slow on the Chromebooks. Even an individual post, which only contains the header bar and some text, is unusably slow.

The Asus Transformer Prime might be disqualified because it's not chromeos and it doesn't have a built in hardware keyboard, but it's a quad-core tegra tablet running gingerbread and soon ICS (keyboard optional).


I don't have a chromebook but I'm not sure what chromeos offers that android doesn't.

Chromeos isn't about offering more features. It's about offering less problems.

But when a iPad offers better browsing speed it's a big problem for a web browser only OS....

I use Google+ at least 10 times each day on my Chromebook (series 5). It's a touch slow, but hardly unusable.

It's the flash slowdowns that bother me occasionally, but even there it's rarely unusable.

I also have a Series 5. Perhaps our tolerance for lag is simply different. For me scrolling an individual post is completely laggy. I avoid using Google+ for this reason.

I have one of the pilot Chromebooks they were sending out for free a year or so ago. It's not just Google+, it's nearly any of the cool things you'd want to do online. Watching any kind of video is unbearably laggy. Heavy sites like (new) Twitter or (as mentioned) Google+ are completely unusable due to scrolling/typing lag. I get the "release early" mantra but I use my Chromebook for light browsing only. It can't possibly replace a real notebook.

The new Samsungs are much better than the original devices. Still not perfect, but fully functional.

In a pinch, I handed over my Samsung to my son, who wanted to play Club Penguin. He rejected it after 30 seconds of frustration.

Anyone know of reviews of someone putting a recent chromebook build on a macbook air or some laptop with decent specs?

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