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Going Fullscreen with Canvas (jlongster.com)
31 points by jlongster on Nov 21, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

It also works in Safari 5, surprisingly enough, with ESC to exit fullscreen mode.


I wonder how difficult it'd be to build a fullscreen browser replacement and have it load automatically. The fake browser could mimic real browser actions and easily mask the url (and all of the browser chrome, for that matter) and inject their own content when a user navigates to an interesting site. All the normal "safe" markers (e.g. green URL bar, security lock on the bottom right, the correct URL) could be shown to the user.



The only way that would be feasible is to use iframes, and you can't inject anything into an iframe.

It would be a technical challenge, but they could MITM your entire browsing experience. Fullscreen to canvas, then show what looks like a browser. When someone types something in the URL bar the attacker's backend proxies a request to the real site, loads the content, then renders a canvas page of it.

It would probably be too much work for too little payoff to actually make a browser that rendered to canvas, but they could do it for a couple of major target sites like gmail and banks.

Surprised that escape doesn't work to exit fullscreen.

I meant to mention that -- Firefox uses ESC to exit fullscreen but Chrome uses Cmd+Shift+F. They need to standardize that.

Outside the mac world, "F11" is a pretty much universal "toggle full screen" binding. Chrome at least supports with on-screen help when you enter full screen mode.

As you said, F11 is universal for toggling on off, but it's not a good solution when there may be multiple elements on a page which might fight for fullscreen requests. For instance, if I have 4 videos on a page, and F11 is pressed, which video goes full screen? In the context of web browsing, where the user is choosing which elements to launch full screen, the ESC button really should be standardized.

I don't follow. Obviously you can only toggle to full screen for something unambiguous (i.e. the whole browser page). I don't see how pressing ESC helps the user decide which of the videos to launch.

But once you're full screen, F11 does indeed get you back to the original state. So I still don't see why ESC is needed.

>So I still don't see why ESC is needed.

The main reason is that you probably got into full-screen by pressing a button, not the F11 key, and now you just want a "get me out of this" key which escape is better for.

Ah yes, I'm on Chrome, and I figured that would be a pretty good way to get someone trapped in full screen.

esc works for me on 17.0.942.0 dev on OS X

Crap, I want to use this in my web game, but my users are already used to using esc for other stuff.

Firefox should be coming out with another API call that lets you have full access to keys in fullscreen mode (http://jlongster.com/2011/11/21/canvas.html#keys).

Although you would be breaking the standard convention.

And for me on 16.0.912.41 beta, also on OS X.

This is great news for HTML5 game developers!

if you're on Chrome 15+, you can use fullscreen in my HTML5 game. http://chrome.private-joe.com

fullscreen button is bottom right, when the level loads.

Don't work on my Kubuntu (Chromium 13.0.782.215 (Build 97094 Linux) Ubuntu 11.04 ).

Nothing happens when I click the button.

EDIT: on Firefox too.

Hey that Gamepad API reads promising.

When is there ever going to be a download API?

To undo fullscreen in Chrome:

* Command/Shift/F


* Command/, (going into Preferences disables it)

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