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11:00 in the video is a fascinating example of someone standing up to Jobs' reality distortion field.

That's Joanna Hoffman, who was also part of the Macintosh team. The Isaacson bio shares an anecdote about how the Mac team would annually give out an award to the team member who had proven most able to stand up to Jobs, and Hoffman won it the first two years. It was fun to see an example of why.

Thanks! I didn't recognize her. Added that info to the article.

Another figure is (if i'm not mistaken) Mac UI & Icon designer Susan Kare whom stands next to Paul Rand. She has a distinct smile. She seems a bit quite enthusiastic being next to a legendary designer. I bet she is the only one, other than Jobs, who knows the importance of the visitor.

What is her accent? It really is fascinating.

Sounds German to me, which would fit with her name.

You can see more of her here: http://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/246310/

I agree, the same example jumped out. It was interesting to hear it called out to his face when she questioned being a slave to the deadline over the quality of the product.

Why is that fascinating?

Because all you ever hear about Jobs is that he was a dominating bully. She shows that people did stand up to him (at least when the facts were on their side).

That's not surprising if you've read much about Jobs, especially the Isaacson biography. Jobs generally respected people who were confident enough to stand up to him, and he surrounded himself with good people who could do just that.

Joanna looked like she was about to lose it when he interrupted her, but she let him continue. Even she seemed to know when arguing with Jobs was pointless.

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