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Not talking about the poster specifically, but in my expert opinion (irony intended), questions such as this one are a sure sign on a new/inexperienced programmer, obsessed with the wrong things. (Likewise for questions about whether i-- is faster than i++ in a C for loop, etc).

Such people hear, for example, that assembly is lower level than C, and as such can be faster, and have grand visions of rewriting operating systems and even mail clients in assembly.

Or talk about "bloat" regarding the size of executables, not realizing that the 400MB of, say, Pages.app is mostly template images, and that the real executable is like 1/10th the size.

Or, also that parts of code not needed are not even loaded from disk, so it doesn't matter if the raw executable code is 10MB, only how much of it is needed and how well it was written for speed.

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