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Show HN: Django-Chartit a Django app for plotting charts effortlessly (shutupandship.com)
16 points by pgollakota 2074 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

I created this Django app for making it really easy to create charts directly from database (Django models). This is my first django project and would really appreciate any feedback from everyone. Thanks!

I think people might find this more useful if it did not rely on Highcharts, which requires a paid license for commercial use.


I agree with you. I was looking at a whole bunch of JS chart libraries. Highcharts was the best which had a 'stable' API. jQPlot was a close second however the API was still changing. So I decided to do the project with Highcharts. Will extend the code to include other libraries (most likely jQPlot) depending on the interest it generates.

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