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that guy is full of shit

check out the REAL JOKER:


In the comments section of this post, he mentions that he's going to finish the editing process of his book by 30 september

Now check this post:


He's a fucking joker!

Even in the post he is making excuses why he can't mail out a newsletter. Surely he should just get it done, not come up with excuses. That is classic Joker behavior right there.

I could put my head down and just grind, get it done at 4AM before I go to work, and whatever.

or better:

I was going to edit, but I didn’t really. I was kind of flat. I played a lot of Conquer Club online, surfed around, didn’t really get anything done. Then I was traveling around and I wasn’t really working on the book.

He was paid $65k in advance...

> -Why isn’t Critical Thinking ready to ship?

> -What’s wrong with it?

Well, it's 17,000 words a day of this . . .

> it was kind of something on the back of my periphery of my mind.

EDIT: they asked for 50,000 - 60,000 words, and he's written nearly 180,000.

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