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Show HN: The Clip (kickstarter.com)
46 points by pkrein on Nov 17, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

I hope they will get the money they need to launch their product. Anyway, now when people oseruse or misuse the word "design", I can point them to The Clip (which is a simple and effective example) and say "See this? The work behind it is what we can call design.".

Really? Come on, can we have higher standards?

Seems a lot of kickstarter stuff is just premium takes on infomercial products.

"Hey look, it's a light you can put anywhere and you just touch it to turn it on!

But wait, it's made from a single block of aluminum, from a fair trade factory and costs $50 instead of $4."


No but seriously, $10 for something that doesn't look more complicated than a fork to manufacture? I'm all for supporting cool new ideas and great design, but this isn't it.

I'm not saying it's the best example of what design is, and even less that it's revolutionary. But I do think that it is a good example in that it is simple and effective and I hope people can easily see what I mean when given this example. Of course the best design example would be the wheel, but it is so good/great/awesome that most people can't see how amazing it is and how it shows the power of abstraction of the human mind, which is in big part what design is about (whether it is for objects or programming or whatever). This is because the best ideas seems natural and obvious after someone had them and said it. This is why I think this Clip thing is a good example, it's much more simple and way less obvious than the wheel.

About the price, I mainly agree with you on that, but it was not my point.

> I hope they will get the money they need to launch their product.

I find this sentence strangely odd.

Until now, you would have had a good idea, funded it somehow, and hoped that enough people buy it.

What Kickstarter tends to be nowadays is a way of guaranteeing a minimum number of units sold before you've ever got near manufacturing.

It's amazing in one way, but it's a significantly different way of launching a product.

They do a very good job presenting their product but the price point is way too high in my opinion for what the product is. (10-12.50 per unit based on the kickstarter pledge values)

I don't want to rain on anyone's parade here, but sheet metal and tin snips are pretty cheap at Home Depot.

If they weren't $10.00-12.50 each I could see ordering a pack.

For "internationals" like myself it's minimum $35 to pledge and receive 2 clips. That's way too much. I'd pledge $10, no more.

Very different products. Although this product is slightly expensive for what it is. It seems that this is more for supporting the campaign and a young company. It does seem to be something I'd find very useful in day to day life.

Do they reveal the expected price somewhere? The $25 kickstarter amount might not be the final cost in the long run.

I don't think you watched the video. This is a bottle opener. Whereas you're linking to a cable management device.

Epoxy or weld a binder clip to a cheap bottle opener. Done.

And a binder management device.

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