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Looks quite promising. I've played a lot with node.js, Redis and pub/sub wrappers around socket.io and I came to the conclusion that it's this kind of architecture that does the job of scaling well horizontally until Redis becomes the bottleneck.

I'll dig in the source code as I'm very interested in how it's implemented.

My post for tomorrow as a quick section on scaling beyond a single instance of Redis.

Essentially intelligent sharding (in &bang's case, by team). Each node.js (or other processes) can look-up which Redis server-set owns a team, and can probably just stay connected to most all of the Redis instances. For HA, slave each shard, AOB, and off-server backups every 15m. Along with a gossip protocol for giving up on masters and promoting slaves.

According to our tests, we don't have to worry about it for awhile, but we've got a plan regardless and will start implementing it soon.

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