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This is a good app, but Dropbox would be very expensive as a cloud platform. Wouldn't it make more sense to use Amazon or something cheaper?

I thought so too, but it's $9.99 a month for 50 GBs, which is more than iTunes Match gives you, and comparable with services like Rdio and Spotify.

I'm just wondering if it's actually cheaper though. iTunes Match is $24.99 per year, remember.

However, iTunes Match isn't everyone's cup of tea (and odds are, not available in their country. It isn't in mine).

And $99 yearly. iTunes Match is only $25 yearly, it's not billed monthly.

Furthermore, iTunes Match limits at 25,000 songs. At 256kbps, thats roughly 175GB.

But iTunes Match is US-only for now.

I did the "dropbox referral via google adwords + $100 coupon" so I now have 10GB free on dropbox. It's an (albeit sneaky) alternative to the monthly $10.

I actually don't think so. For one thing, this argument is true of Dropbox itself, and are music files really that special? For many people, the simplicity and convenience is worth it. Plus if you have some extra space in your Dropbox (yes, there are some of us) this gives you a good use for it.

Very slick. I like it. Dropbox should promote this app.

Music files are special: they're relatively big.

I've found Dropbox works really well for documents and such, but if you're talking 100GB music collections, that's a lot of cash. Yes, this is a Dropbox issue, not an app issue. I think the app is really neat.

I think it's great for those of us who want to switch out music really fast without syncing or anything from any computer. Also solves some space issues like me filling up 8gb and needing only about 4 more...

> Music files are special: they're relatively big.

Dropbox supports delta sync (a la rsync), which means a change to music metadata translates to only a few bytes being transferred instead of the whole file. This is a killer.

That's a good point. If you have 100s of gigs of music, this might not be the best option.

On the other hand, there are lots of people out there who are already have their music library in Dropbox so they can sync it between their computers, so I don't think it's fatally expensive.

I have a friend working on CloudAround for Android. They support a variety of cloud file hosting platforms.

TuneBox is iOS though, so I will definitely be checking this app out since I have an iPhone!

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