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I'm curious: is there a reason U+2584 LOWER HALF BLOCK is missing from the character set, which otherwise contains the progression from U+2581 to U+2587?

Edit: U+2588 seems like an obvious candidate as well.

No idea. Here they are for everyone's use:

ticks = " ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█"

I've included SPACE as well. That's an obvious missing one.

At least in my OS/X terminal using the "Monaco" font (which I think is the default), the final one (U+2588) doesn't descend as far as the rest of the characters. It really produces some ugly output with that one included.

Including the space character means that you lose a nice baseline if the input is fairly sparse, so it looks less like a bar graph and more like just some random blobs.

Yes, on the mac it seems only menlo renders it correctly, (vs all the other fixed with font families that bork the rendering in various ways)

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