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> Popular science, sometimes called literature of science, is interpretation of science intended for a general audience. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popular_science

Conflation of genres imo, both science shows and "popular science" shows can be enjoyed independently of one another, similar to how adults may enjoy both drama and comedy. From what I've seen of Bang Goes the Theory on youtube, it appears to be a clone of MythBusters and cover much fluffier one-off engineering problems simple enough to reproduce on TV.

On the other hand, ScienceNow is more of a newsmagazine that highlights what several different researchers are currently working on, and why they are interested in that problem. Ex: natural language processing robots, growing human ears on mice for reconstructive surgery, etc.

It's true that "Bang Goes the Theory" has elements of Mythbusters, but it's focused on the science as opposed to the action movie stuff. The programme is basically "popular science -- you know, for teens!". Their magazine style format typically has one segment where they put a scientific hypothesis, law or principle in practice by building various gadgets. Other segments are news-related stuff, such as (just after the Japanese earthquake) a long segment on the science of tsunamis. I'm not in the target demographic at all, so I don't really follow it, but I appreciate their focus on educating kids and encouraging scientific thinking about young people.

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