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They are a known, serial monopolist and at this point MSFT deserves the corporate death penalty. They should go ahead and force the company to split into consumer software, enterprise software, Windows, and hardware companies like the should have done more than a decade ago.

EDIT: A well reasoned rebuttal is worth a thousand downvotes. But my fault for getting involved in religious wars...

EDIT: I also want to note that whoever is doing this is not content to downvote this comment, but is also looking up my comment history and downvoting old comment of mine (fair warning to anyone posting in this thread)

3am: are you sure that your old comments are being downvoted? For a normal user, the "down arrow" option disappears after a day, and it doesn't look like you have any recent comments other than this one. So if they are indeed being downvoted, it's being done by someone with more access than a standard user. This seems unlikely, although not impossible.

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