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Nice, but a few UX nitpicks:

* Default to sort by relevence: Put the more relevant matching properties at the top. For example, I type "backg" instead the highest result being the obscure "-webkit-background-composite" ... actually most relevant result "background" which should be the first result instead of the third.

* Default results list to condensed format: Instead of showing the full verbose docs for every matching result instead show a sparse summary of each result with a option to expand it. If there's only one matching result then show the complete doc for it

* Nice example palette for standard colors. How about an example palette for the standard font families?

Agree with all of these points, especially the condensed-at-first display.

I would also like it if the search box was in the fixed header, so I don't have to scroll back to the top to re-search.

Otherwise nice tool!

Yes, needs better separator elements to distinguish between the hits. A condensed default view would help with this though.

Agree, however if there is a single result (such as a background$ query), then show in expanded format.

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