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Why does it want almost full access to my Twitter account?

Read is the bare minimum. I requested write so that people that are helping can send out a tweet from the form to let their followers know that they are taking calls about a certain topic.

It doesn't tweet without the user's consent.

edit: Also, full access includes direct message, which it doesn't request.

Update: Removed write access, just read. Thanks for the feedback.

You don't need the user to add your app to Twitter to have a tweet link. You could use Twitter's buttons or post a link like:


Yep, that's what I ended up doing a few minutes after reading your comment. Was an oversight by me originally. Thanks again. Try it out now and let me know.

Just Read access now, as I put up in the update.

I would not trust my Twitter account to an outside party. Could you provide other login mechanism? Also I rather liked if it just used microphone as international calls are probably too expensive.

Yep, a regular login is planned. Also looking into adding in browser calls. Just wanted to get it out of the door quick.

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