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Travis CI keeps getting better: Now supports multiple PHP versions (travis-ci.org)
70 points by cookiestack on Nov 13, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

I am mind blown by this service. Doctrine2 is being tested against SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL as well as PHP 5.3 and even PHP 5.4RC1.


Was green earlier today, guess someone will hopefully fix the red tomorrow morning :)

btw some more info can be found here: http://pooteeweet.org/blog/2046

Why does Travis do for me that Jenkins or Gerrit doesn't?

Hey theatrus,

Travis is similar to Jenkins, but also very different.

For instance:

1. Every build is run in a virtual machine sandbox so other projects tests won't affect yours (eg. files or dbs left over).

2. The full infrastructure is distributed, the web frontend has been decoupled from the workers completely.

3. All push information sent by GitHub is built by default, so no need to tell Travis to build a certain branch.

4. We use web sockets so you can see the results in realtime.

5. Hosted for free for the open source community.

The core goal behind Travis is to make it easy for open source projects to test against different environments (language versions, databases, services, env vars etc.) with the aim to increase code quality for everyone.

So comparing Jenkins and Travis (the service) is a little like comparing apples and oranges, even though they do have a lot in common.

Hope this helps,


You mean what does Travis do in comparison to Jenkins or Gerrit? Well it runs the tests of your open source projects for free and with ease.

Is there a Jenkins or Gerrit based project that does this for you?

Awesome project! I got Guzzle set up on Travis within about an hour. They even had node.js pre-installed, so I could use node.js as a test web server. http://travis-ci.org/#!/guzzle/guzzle


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