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This is still a valuable skill. Not the only one but a valuable one. Who wants to tie their money or career to someone who can't get you paid on the other side?

Absolutely true. However the article leans toward framing him as a visionary capable of superhuman feats:

  "IBM didn't survive the PC, none of the PC guys survived
  the web, and I don't think any of the web guys will 
  survive the post-PC world,"
Bill Nguyen is implying that Color.com will do what IBM, Microsoft, and Facebook can't, and survive the post-pc world. And there is no evidence he is capable of this since he flipped every company he started.

No, he is implying some startup will do what IBM, Microsoft and Facebook can't. Historically speaking, this is a decent analogy. After all, Facebook did what Microsoft and Google couldn't. Apple did what IBM couldn't.

Why even mention it if he doesn't think that Color could be the disruptive company that can make that leap?

I doubt he's saying "Yeah a bunch of companies are going to fail at this, including Color, but hey throw cash at us anyway". That doesn't make for a good sell at all.

Isn't the job of spinster to imply that? :-)

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