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There would have been no Apple for Woz to kick anyone out of if it wasn't for Jobs.

They needed each other, that's why they split the company 50/50.

From the book Woz's dad didn't like the idea of Apple until Jobs pretty much showed him that it was a viable opportunity to make a living. Woz then listened to his dad...

In fact, that they split the company 50/50 when Jobs could have likely easily talked his way into a 70/30 split, is proof positive that the stories about Jobs being an asshole are bullshit.

When you have high standards, a lot of people are going to call you an asshole. When you produce fantastic products that are hugely successful, you'll get scores and scores of stories on hacker news from jealous people who want to tear you down.

But anyone who looks at the facts will see the truth.

Well, if the Park at handicapped place thing is true, then asshole seem to be adequate, even if SJ invented a way to bring water to Sahara.

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