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The closest I've ever come to a "Kindle Crash" was a multi-second delay on page turn, which has only happened once. I've been using mine every day on my commute for the last year.

No idea what the author was referring too. Maybe the new Kindle Fire?

Agreed. I use Calibre to download all of my news subscriptions to it and between that and a several books per week, I've never seen my kindle 3 crash in the many months that I've been using it.

As opposed to my iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad2, all of which I've taken down rather horribly with just the normal apps (typically frozen, sometimes insta-reboot), not even counting things that bad programs _I_ wrote were doing.

Mine does occasionally crash / freeze, but it's because of a known issue:


I've just been too lazy to change the cover, and it's not been overly inconvenient yet. Amazon, to their credit, offers a refund. Perhaps this blogger is using a non-lit cover and is unaware of the issues with it?

I've owned a kindle 2, a kindle DX, a kindle 3, and a black kindle DX. I've had a few crashes. Spontaneous reboots, actually. The most recent ones I think happened when I was looking at a PDF, so presumably something about the PDF did it.

Nothing major.

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