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The People Of The Cloud (aeon.co)
45 points by optimalsolver on Aug 2, 2022 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

> In the context of Puerto Rico, such rigid adherence to protocol was not possible

Probably applies to most of the world. I visited one in India where things looked swanky and modern within the campus. Step out and there was no electricity in half the town, for most of the day. How this is sustainable I have no clue. One of the managers I barely knew, within like 3 weeks of me being there, asks me to pay his credit card bills. So I do (wasn't much plus it looked like waterworks were about to turn on). He was so grateful, I was basically given access to whatever I wanted. Tech cant solve these type of issues.

Where there's muck there's brass.

Article paints a lovely picture of the realities of data centres, uncomfortable heat and cold, heavy gear and crushed fingers, lack of daylight and a "working mans' world" at the coal face. How long until budget rack-shacks in Overthereistan become truly dark and satanic?

Tech Won't Save Us did an interview with a former data center worker (Dwayne Monroe) that covers a lot of the same ground if you want some further reading (listening).


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