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Next Hacker News DC Meetup on Monday, November 14th (hackernewsdc.org)
62 points by RKlophaus 1896 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

Rusty, thanks for keeping this frequent. +1

What are these meetups like? What usually goes on?

Usually networking/talking with other developers/start-up dreamers. There are some presentations at times although at this next venue (RFD) there would probably be some isolated laptop demos.

People who like innovation, tech & startups gathering to talk innovation, tech & startups.

In meatspace.

Over beverages.

I'll be crashing this party

Sweet! I'll try to make it

I plan on making it.

awesome! will be fun to stop by again.

cool, i'll try to make it

will be there .. ya!

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