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This is exactly how "law enforcement" used to work behind the iron curtain. An anonymous tip that you were anti-communist could get you arrested.

That is very different than how things used to work on this side of the iron curtain:


I'm not defending McCarthyism, but the two just simply aren't comparable.

It's like comparing the Japanese American Interment Camps to Auschwitz.

Talk to the countless East Germans who were imprisoned b/c of a tip from one of the thousands of Stasi informants. See if their stories in any way compare to the people who were swept up in the red scare.

“Metaphors are to similes as transvestites are to my wife.”

I am not suggesting the two are the same, but rather that thinking about the two at the same time and deciding in what ways they are the same and in what ways they are different is a useful exercise.

I'll concede that.

Nature loves symmetry!

He wasn't arrested. He was observed. So, this is not "exactly" how it used to work behind the iron curtain.

The Stasi extensively "observed" people before an arrest.

Accidentally down voted you. Readers should note that the vast majority of people observed by the Stasi were never arrested. At one point in history, their mere pervasive and unjustified "observing" was considered bad enough...

And so did Hitler. Does that end this pointless debate?

You can't argue from a position that says "surveillance" and "arrest" are the same thing. They are simply not the same thing. The police cannot arrest you at will. An arrest is a big deal.

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