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This is an example of one of those situations where it doesn't pay to be 'over clever'.

If you call the bomb squad to report a bomb under your car but as a technology-inclined person/geek know full well it's a GPS receiver then you're committing all sorts of illegality there.

I can't imagine these things have "GPS RECEIVER" stamped on the outside. How are they going to prove you knew it was a GPS?

Given my experience in dealing with military intelligence types - they probably have "PROPERTY OF FBI - SECRET UNDERCOVER OPERATIONS DEPT" printed on them along with an address and an orange flashing light.

Plus, you don't call the bomb squad. You report a "suspicious-looking item" on your car to local law-enforcement.

If you think it was placed there by law enforcement and your intention is to cause maximum embarrassment- then you call the DHS/Fire/etc and assume that inter-agency cooperation is such that they wont have a note saying you are a surveillance target.

If you think that it's FBI/DHS device (ie if your skin color is between latte and espresso, or your name as an 'Al' at the front) then call local law.

Only if you have been stupid enough to disturb a potential car bomb to see whats inside.

Back when I worked for a defense company our cars were checked with mirrors on sticks everytime we went to work, we had special police numbers to call if we ever saw any suspicious activity around our cars or received a suspicious package at home.

Although they weren't very understanding when I was away on a trip and my wife opened a package containing a microcontroller I ordered - and started an alert!

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