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Exactly. I think open source is just a buzzword for them. There is still money concerns behind this service. I was quite disappointed since I was expecting a "Source" link that goes to github or somewhere.

Wrt. their Spider Oak backup service, from https://spideroak.com/faq/questions/35/why_isnt_spideroak_op...

"Our founders and engineers have a strong open source background and we consider a contributory relationship with the FOSS community as the normal course of business. Thus, our plan all along has been to make our entire client-side code base open source; however, as anyone who has worked with such issues knows, it is often not quite that simple."

So they say they want to be good, but not quite yet. I've posted a question about nimbus.io on that page.

Interesting. If they only open source their client side libraries it would be a rather sad development.

Having source on GitHub is not the only definition of "open source." The generally accepted definition is that the source is available (you may have to ask for it), it might be free (you might be charged for media, though that is less of concern here in the future), and the recipient can modify and redistribute the source.

It might be more appropriate if the site had text like "if you are interested in the source code, please email us." As it stands, it does seem like they are selectively releasing the source (and this is an assumption, right, since the site doesn't say "request an invite and get the source?").

I don't see how this is not open source yet. Just because they are limiting access to the actual source doesn't mean that, when you finally do get past the invite wall and see the source, you don't have all the open rights they assign to it.

It's open source behind an invite wall. Once you get it, it should come with the OSS lincenses. I'm assuming.

It's open source insofar as the code, when it is released, will be released under an open licence. However, it fails the 'unofficial' criterion of a project that is developed in the open. See also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SARbwvhupQ

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