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Love it. Simple and effective UI. In the past I've had the opposite problem occasionally where I think I'm taking up much more time than I am (a consequence of nervousness maybe) and this would be helpful for that too -- not just an indicator for when you talk too long, but also when for when you are still "in the green" to combat that nervousness induced timewarp.

Ohhhhh... Right.

Just to mirror what I understand: You have experienced that, while talking, you thought "Oh, I've been talking for hours already. I should stop now." but in reality you haven't even scratched the, let's say, 30 second mark?

Absolutely relevant – I hadn't even thought of that possibility. I'm actually thinking, the whole app could stay the same, just swap the green/red colors (?)

Yeah exactly! Thinking back, the time's I've felt this the most is during stressful interviews -- e.g. I'm asked a difficult question and part way through my answer my nerves say "You've been talking for ages, you've lost them" but in reality it's been a perfectly reasonable amount of time and if I listen to my nerves I risk cutting the answer short.

I'd actually love a tool like this for interviews -- if had a mac or there was a linux build I'd definitely use this.

Re: Colours -- If I were to use this for this use-case (next time work gives me a mac perhaps) I think the current green -> red arrangement is fine as-is, as it covers both use-cases (if red -> too long; if green -> still have time)

Thank you for sharing – I just spoke with my girlfriend who described the exact same thing. I had no idea.

> if had a mac or there was a linux build I'd definitely use this.

while I don't have resources now for a Linux build, where would I start in terms of window systems/dekstop environment (I don't even know if those are still the right terms – My last desktop box was running debian/sarge)

You probably don't even have to swap the colors.

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