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Yeah I feel like I am suffering with this with my teammates. How passive aggressive it would be if I shared this with my colleagues at work?

To answer your question without knowing any context: I would err on the side of it being received as rather passive aggressive.

I do not recommend using the app (especially not without context) as a proxy for a difficult conversation that may have to happen.

Since the question came up earlier, here is my full take on this situation: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=32097859

Depending on how you did it, you could be quite “aggressive”!

“Dave, found the perfect app for you!” is aggressive. “Wow I might start using this app!” Is better.

> “Wow I might start using this app!” Is better.

Yeah I thought about going this way.

Try talking with them instead. Use mediation, not a proxy.

The colleague talking seems to be the problem :)

GP is supposed to mediate while at work while their colleague is talking in circles?

Yes, that is literally how you solve interpersonal problems. You pull the person aside and discuss the problem.

It was a small joke. That is a very simplistic view of the world. That approach may solve your problem but it also may not.

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