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And in the process of discrediting, you might have turned many people away from MongoDB. You actions seem irresponsible to me. Unbeknownst to you at the time of posting, I'm sure, but your blog has gone somewhat viral, and it could take 10gen a while to recover from the negative press. Did you consider this when posting?

Kudos to Eliot for coming on and answering your phony accusations. I feel sorry for him though as he has obviously spent a great deal of time in responding, when he could have been doing other important things, like fixing urgent bugs. As others have pointed out, this is the mark of a company who take very good care of their customers. Customer service is what differentiates chiefs from cowboys.

HN is an important community resource, especially for people with little startup / dev experience. I would urge you to think next time before being so irresponsible.

There are only a few comments from credible sources in this thread, and none of those had anything negative to say about MongoDB, don't believe blindly.

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