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This post is unparalleled FUD. We use MongoDB in production and all the issues we've encountered have been either environment or configuration related.

There are plenty of things about MongoDB I don't like but this OP is a total coward. If you've got something to say, put your name on it and come out in the open.

This type of post is the worst of its "hiding behind Internet anonymity" kind.

And for the record, I don't think Oracle is behind this. They're confident in their Exadata offering and have little to gain by posting this kind of crap around MongoDB. Besides, Larry Ellison has never been afraid to openly taunt his competitors.

I wouldn't use my True Name for serious criticism of a tool that may become popular, because I expect that to find that a career-limiting move. E.g., I think MySQL has reckless contempt for data integrity, but that doesn't mean I'd rather starve than ever be considered by a hiring manager at any MySQL shop.

This is simply anonymous vile FUD. It does not even read like an honest story. There is also not one reference to a real case, or anything that can be sourced at all. There seems to be a FUD offensive going against MongoDB for some reason.

The thing that worries me most is that this article got so many upvotes.

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