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Given the response, what are some best practices/gotchas for MongoDB then?

It might be helpful for 10gen to put together a short doc on what to watch out for evaluators.

Most of the best practices/gotchas can be found by reading the online documentation. Of all the replies Eliot gives they were either plainly obvious (oh, you have a system under heavy load and you're surprised that it gets worse when you give it another task to do?) or mentioned in the documentation. If you're planning on using something - especially for a production system - I sure hope you at least read all the available documentation.

I don't think a short doc is of any help for evaluators. You shouldn't be basing your decision on 400 words and some bullet points. If you're serious about your datastore then you should treat it seriously.

In addition to the documentation, videos from the conferences are a great place to start:

http://www.10gen.com/presentations/mongoboston-2011/schema-d... http://www.10gen.com/presentations/mongosf-2011/practical-sc...

When I was doing my research and came across a bunch of "Why not to use MongoDB" articles, I looked at alternatives solution to see if there was anything "better." Granted NoSQL is the new kid on the block but I wanted to see what my options were. Guess what I'm using, MongoDB. Why? Their documentation is fan-f'n-tastic. Their newsgroup support is just as good, lots of folks who help troubleshoot issue, including the developers themselves.

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