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  :set nu
  / whatever you want to find [return]
  *edit stuff and use arrow keys for nav*
  Or :q to quit without saving

That’s all the vim most people need.

The fact that less is installed on many more systems than nano is a testament to the bad assumptions too many devs make about who will be using these systems in the future. And yes, it’s not hard to "apt -y install nano" except at work where we have proxies and internal repos, so now I need to use vim to reconfigure apt sources just so I can use a more normal editor that doesn’t require arcane incantations to perform basic config file editing.

This is equivalent to saying hunting and pecking on a keyboard and using only their index fingers to type is "all the typing most people need". Technically, it's true, but it's also sacrificing a lot of productivity that could be gained from a relatively modest one-off investment in learning a skill.

It's also derailing someone's Show HN with a very old and generic online argument.

now I need to use vim to reconfigure apt sources just so I can use a more normal editor

Prepare and paste this into your terminal:

  echo "another line" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list
Sorry for your pain, but choosing hard ways is a person’s business.

I believe the parent was trying to say that the default editor is the hard option, even though easier and intuitive solutions exist.

or just "echo 'another line' >> /etc/apt/sources.list"

Yes, but only when logged in as root.

of course, but redundant if you are root

*sudo is redundant

My problem is I can't use the up/down arrows for nav while editing stuff, it just starts spewing control characters on new lines IIRC.

This is the reason why I like vim-nox

Nano and commandline is good enough. If apt is available, Micro is even better.

I don't find Nano very productive or very easy on my previously RSI-suffering hands and wrists. VIM is so much better for me along those two dimensions that it's not even much of a comparison.

Absolutely haram

Is this an Andrew tate reference or just normal Muslim one?

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