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I take it you're not a musician?

Or a pilot. Or an artist. Or a mathematician. Or basically anything difficult.

This is the price we pay for having easy-to-use computers. People have developed an expectation that everything should be easy and if it's not easy for beginners then it's bad.

Some things are just hard! That doesn't make them bad. Some of the best things in life actually take years of study to learn.

Nice of you to give mathematician as an example, considering we no longer do math with roman numbers.

Artists will do what they do, just for the hell of it. given that art is expression, doing something hard like painting with your toes could be considered art.

The key is simplication, and its something I notice programmers refuse to allow in their profession.

Plenty of musicians made it big with easier to use tools many people made fun of. like fruity loops. more intuitive interfaces is not a demerit, it was the point all along.

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