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I think this is the wrong way to think about computing, though I sympathize, because I also used to think this way until I reflected on a podcast I'd heard about how when the computer mouse was invented, it's little known that a second very sci-fy-y device was also intended to be used as a peripheral, one which you put on your other hand like a glove and moved in all sorts of ways in order to direct your computer. Ultimately this device didn't catch on, but it's not necessarily the case that just because something isn't trivial to start using that it's bad -- on the contrary, both kinds of tools are useful.

Tools which are eminently transparent in how you use them are great to get started, and to continue with if you don't want to spend any more time.

But so are tools which you need to actively invest effort into using. These can unlock ways of using something which are more powerful and rely on the time you put in to learn them -- true for a computer, but there are plenty of other devices in the world where this is the case too.

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