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> If you want to come talk to the MongoDB team, both our offices hold open office hours[2] where you can come and talk to the actual development teams. We try to be incredibly open, so please come and get to know us.

I envy how all your (potential) customers are from California.

I've been to their open office hours in NYC and, though we don't have a support contract, they were incredibly welcoming and helpful.

Besides office hours in California NY and London we also have user groups in many cities http://www.10gen.com/user-groups and have (one day, very inexpensive) developer conferences frequently (next two in Dallas and Seattle).

We try to get as much face to face time with the community as possible. Check out 10gen.com/events and 10gen.com/user-groups.

Half the startups in NYC use mongo, but that might be cause they are connected to Union Sq Ventures

Or it might be because MongoDb really shines in the typical start-up use case...

Or at least better than MySQL for cases where not all data fits a perfect relational model?

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