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Back at you boy. I'm a dev. I hate dealing with other dev that wasted my time just because he ain't lover with RDBMS and decided to write more code and add more infrastructure components (that includes message queue unless you absolutely have no choice).

My time is finite. Ops time is finite. Obviously you decided to dick around with mine and Ops. How bout I send you to the QA department to write automation and software tools so you don't dick around with production code?

You can write with any language and any storage systems you'd like there.

Let me guess, you're the guy who makes sure there's a "Senior" in his title and you use django because the docs are so great.

I'm sorry you work with incompetent people. Sounds like you're in a cubicle farm somewhere. While you're in a meeting swinging your seniority around, I'll be over here shipping products faster than your team.

First, I'm no senior. My title is simply "developer". I work with people that share the same opinions. Most of us are in the same page and that's how we build our culture. The ones that aren't don't last long.

Second, I'm not using Django.... and what's wrong if I do?

Third. I respect people around me. In return, they respect each other so we don't throw away the word "incompetent" and to think that we're better than anybody else.

No pirates. No ninjas. No rockstars. No racers (dhh?) as well. Just grown-ups doing their job with a bit of love, passion, and respect. All balanced.

Fourth. I have no cubicle. I work in an open space and I love it. I don't need my special office (I had one a few years ago and it sucks).

Fifth. My project manager attends meetings and deliver mostly good news to us. He's the best PM I've been with (so far). If we have meeting, that's usually when shit hit the fan and we need to have an honest conversation. Other than that, e-mails are sufficient.

Sixth. Keep throwing the love...we need more

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