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There are several problems with this post.

First off, the concept of a language #winning is a complete waste of time. Neither AWK nor Lisp is Charlie Sheen.

You use a particular language so that you can solve a problem. Some languages are better suited to solve certain problems than others. You also use a language because you like it. Using a language because it's popular, unless your job requires it, is probably the least sustainable situation.

Secondly, I'm inferring the author wants to spur Lisp's popularity by promoting new features, but encountered resistance by people on a newsgroup and gave up. This is pretty weak in my book. In what situation, both social or professional, would someone NOT encounter resistance to new ideas? To give up at the first sign of resistance, and call the people who didn't like your idea "sick" is the hallmark of a whiner.

If you want to do something, just do it. No one is stopping you. Fork the code. Make a prototype. Demonstrate it. See if you are right and they are wrong. You don't need the approval of a handful of faceless Usenet posters before you start a project.

You're inferring incorrectly (and seem to be conflating Mr. Dominus with Mr. da Silva), and also brought Charlie Sheen up for no apparent reason.

Also, there are plenty of good things that come with a language being popular. The availability of libraries, a community to bounce ideas off and get help from, etc.

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