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CodeKit: THE Mac App for Web Developers (incident57.com)
29 points by simonhamp 2270 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

So basically it's guard(1) and livereload(2) with a cocoa gui. I somehow don't feel that mertis the title.

I suppose thats all well and good for $10. Kudos as always for shipping something useful.

(1) https://github.com/guard/guard https://github.com/guard/guard/wiki/List-of-available-Guards

(2) http://livereload.com/

Yep, in a rails app you could replicate the functionality with guard within a couple of minutes.

Maybe its targeted at web designers?

Guard is in no way dependent on rails. It is a generic system for binding to filesystem events.

But yes, I can see that there is a decent market for this in the command-line illiterate, but I can't imagine that there is much crossover between that group and users of less/sass/coffescript/jslint.

Too bad it's Lion-only. I guess that most people still stick to Snow Leopard (I'll do, heard way too many horror stories).

In the printing industry, there are still too many tools that require Rosetta. In some cases the installer requires Rosetta, even when the binaries are universal, because some penny-wise pound foolish company refused to upgrade InstallerVise. I really wish Apple offered a Snow Leopard option on new machines.

Using Lion just fine. Only problem is Photoshop, but that's really Adobe's fault. They've had years to properly support Expose and Spaces.

Actually Lion adoption has been phenomenal so far, from a numbers standpoint.

And I had not issues with my 3 machines, FWIW.

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