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Git from the Inside Out (recurse.com)
178 points by furcyd 86 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

There is the video edition: https://youtu.be/fCtZWGhQBvo

Anyway, excellent write from Mary Rose and she is an exceptional presenter as well!

Great guide but please please please, stop using "git checkout", which is confusing and has awful syntax that bugs out if you happen to have a file and branch with the same name. Use "git switch" and "git restore".

Fantastic writeup, definitely the easiest and clearest I've come across in terms of being able to follow along from first principles after being only a git customer. Bravo.

If you know of any resources you think are even better please do share! xD

I really like the "plumbing and porcelain" git internals section from the Git book:


This walkthrough has shed light on details that has been fuzzy and wage for me since I started using git years ago, and I'm only one third into the text. Thanks for this writeup!

Good write up, would have been nice to cover rebasing more though.


Rebase is virtually ignored.

Full of errors, I think John Wiegley’s “Git from the bottom up” is much better.


If it's so full of errors, surely you can provide an example.

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