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IPL: Intuitionistic Programming Language (2013) (intuitionistic.org)
52 points by blending 44 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments

For anyone interested there is repo(by the author) on github with the copy of code: https://github.com/granstrom/intuitionistic

Last commit nine years ago. Looks like the project is dead. Shame, sounded interesting.

I read this in Trump's voice for some reason.

There's a thesis in psychoanalysis in there somewhere!

Does this project still exist somewhere other than Google Code? It seems everything on the website 404s.

EDIT: this might be it: https://github.com/Tipoca/intuitionistic

Given the 404s I tried to search for papers describing this language. IPL is also short for intuitionistic propositional logic, so it's almost impossible to search. Does anyone know of any actual research material on this?

It is very difficult to evaluate a programming language without seeing any code written in it.

The website could use at least a few code samples: hello world, Fibonacci, and I dunno a number guessing game? A web server?

Genuine question, how does a project, where every example returns a 404 and the source code is not available anymore, can reach the frontpage of HN?

It's quite frustrating when most of my submissions die without ever reaching the frontpage. Am I so out of touch with the HN community?

This is a very interesting programming language concept that I didn't know of before. Highlighting the kind of work that risks getting lost as time goes by is where HN is at it's most valuable. I'd take this over 99% of the other stuff that reaches the front page, 404s be damned. It's a feature and not a bug that not everything is about the thought leaders of the day and the news cycle hysteria.

Because it's an interesting concept for a computer language, and the HN community can reliably be counted on to find other sources to dive into. HN has been known to deep dive on software archeology.

Sometimes people just like a curiosity. From a glance this seems like a curiosity (it's also dated 2013, so that might explain the 404s)

Is it the Straussian interpretation of all examples responding 404 that there exists an upper bound to the high-levelness of general programming languages?

the trouble with "zero abstraction penalty" and "compiles to LLVM" is that you're still paying the penalty of targeting LLVM, which is an abstraction that largely inherits the fraughtness of the C abstract machine; this has also bitten rust in the past

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