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I consider myself pretty experienced at shell-fu and capable of doing most things I set out to achieve in either bash scripts or fearless one-liners. However, my awk is rudimentary at best, I think mostly because it's such an unforgiving environment to experiment in.

These books you've written are great for a bit of first principles insight and then quickly building up to functional usage. I will have no hesitation in referring colleagues to them!

Do you have a patreon or something similar? Do you accept pull requests for collaboration?

Thanks for creating such great free material!

The AWK Programming Language is great too. Every technical book should be written this way: describe feature, show feature through example, include cookbooks of useful commands.


Thanks for the link, had a quick peruse, looks very comprehensive!

Thanks a lot for the feedback :)

Curious about what kind of issues you had with `awk`. Perhaps https://awk.js.org/ could help?

>Do you have a patreon or something similar?

I pay my bills by selling PDF/EPUB versions of these books. Purchase links are mentioned in the 'Buy' page. You can also visit https://learnbyexample.gumroad.com/ or https://leanpub.com/u/learnbyexample

>Do you accept pull requests for collaboration?

Not currently. You can file issues on GitHub (links are mentioned in the preface chapter) for typos/bugs/suggestions/etc.

Markdown source for these books are also available on GitHub.

That AWK REPL in JS is amazing! Just what I need for a playground to refine my understanding of its language. Thank you!

I will consider buying the books and spread the word :) Thanks again!

I suggest:

C-x C-e in the CLI (not sure if it’s zsh only) will open your command line in your $EDITOR - useful to get code highlighting and write multi line commands if that’s the blocker. The problem is iterating.


Pipe your awk input to a file and then use this thing I wrote to build up your awk program. I use it most often with `jq`.


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