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Thank you, that helped a lot. Here's my version if anyone is interested...

Additional changes: 1) Made the left hand navigation slightly grey to offset so much white. 2) Made the list of articles have less padding (more "compact", less "bloaty" :) ) 3) Removed the "Home", "All Items" and "Explore" links (I never use them and just wanted it clean)

CSS: https://gist.github.com/1333174

Screenshot (Before): http://cl.ly/083j2i3i0o2r1r2W3e1C

Screenshot (After): http://cl.ly/0s0g2X1r0T1U3V2q1b2Z

What is the easiest way to load these changes? Do you add them to your custom.css or use an add-on?

I added these to ~/.mozilla/firefox/random.User/chrome/userContent.css and restarted firefox. I wrapped the changes in a `@-moz-document domain("www.google.com")`, just in case.

Shame a CSS hack can't get the sharing features back!

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