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tung 903 days ago | link | parent

I dislike the new layout mostly because it wastes a lot of vertical space, particularly the fixed top part. Here's the user style I use to neutralise it:

    #top-bar { height: auto; }
    #search { padding: 8px 0; }
    #lhn-add-subscription-section { height: 48px; }
    #viewer-header { height: 48px; }
Adjust numbers to taste.

petedoyle 903 days ago | link

Thank you, that helped a lot. Here's my version if anyone is interested...

Additional changes: 1) Made the left hand navigation slightly grey to offset so much white. 2) Made the list of articles have less padding (more "compact", less "bloaty" :) ) 3) Removed the "Home", "All Items" and "Explore" links (I never use them and just wanted it clean)

CSS: https://gist.github.com/1333174

Screenshot (Before): http://cl.ly/083j2i3i0o2r1r2W3e1C

Screenshot (After): http://cl.ly/0s0g2X1r0T1U3V2q1b2Z


lacerus 903 days ago | link

What is the easiest way to load these changes? Do you add them to your custom.css or use an add-on?


duncans 903 days ago | link

Try Chrome Stylist: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pabfempgigicdjjlcc...


rquirk 902 days ago | link

I added these to ~/.mozilla/firefox/random.User/chrome/userContent.css and restarted firefox. I wrapped the changes in a `@-moz-document domain("www.google.com")`, just in case.

Shame a CSS hack can't get the sharing features back!


cake 903 days ago | link

If you're on Chrome try out the extension I made to max out the much needed vertical space : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gkefcmejbgglfihaae...


nextparadigms 903 days ago | link

I have that issue with the new version of Google Docs. You get just a little more than half the screen to actually write inside the doc. The rest is all "chrome". They should at least make all that disappear and appear on demand.


jakevoytko 903 days ago | link

If you're referring to the word processor, try View -> Compact Controls. That should remove all chrome but the toolbar and menubar.


kame3d 903 days ago | link

Google should make the "Compact Controls" shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + F) universal over all Google services.


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