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Yeah, sure. I'll get whatever. By August who knows if it'll do any good, but my immune system won't mind the workout.

I had COVID a couple weeks back. I'm triple vaccinated. It was like a moderately bad cold. If vaccines provide me with assurances that every bout I have with it will be just that, I'll still get them. But I'm pretty over doing just about anything else.


Ah, mr. Kaplan is at it again! Looks like he has found some magic numbers no one else has.

Yeah, I wonder why there aren't a ton of these studies?

> Funding Information: This study had no funding support.


The results in the paper are not statistically significant. It is measuring non stat sig tail events from the trial.

The only statistically significant result is the 95% efficacy of the vaccine.

This paper compares serious hospitalizations in the placebo group versus side effects in the treatment group, neither of which has stat sig data. In particular the number of covid19 infections/exposure in the 4 month period were small, a couple of hundred, whereas the vaccine exposure was 10K+.

The paper simply ignores basic normalization of the data for exposure.

I'm quadruple vaccinated, I got COVID again. It was.. Thankfully..

I'm quintuple vaccinated...

No one is saying that this will go otherwise, including Moderna.

Anecdata: the people I know that keep catching COVID very much seem to be the ones that took the gene therapy being misleadingly described as a vaccine.

What about the mechanics of an mRNA vaccine qualify it as a "gene therapy"?

Please be specific.

Data beats anecdata- and in Santa Clara county unvaxxed are 6-9 times more likely to be infected.

Here in the UK the authorities very quickly stopped publishing the raw data when it rather inconveniently started undermining their narrative that the vaccine is the best thing since sliced bread, makes you funnier, sexier and more intelligent, increases your sexual prowess etc etc.

It will help if you actually have citations. The data from silicon valley is very loud and clear


Of course, getting a free shot to avoid a massive pandemic for public health is a grave violation of all the rights of humanity and must be protested, made fun of, memed as q demonstration of superior innumerate intelligence /s

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