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Just curious - is there a reason that SQL Server doesn't make the list of supported platforms (i.e. it appears that there is no plan to support in future)?

There is plans to support pretty much every database. The reason it’s not supported currently is because its md5 hashing is too slow, so we need to do something different for it, e.g. just sum for types that support it. It’s similar for databases we plan to support that don’t support MD5 too, for example ElasticSearch.

If anyone knows a dev on the MSSQL team we could speak to, we’d be eager to be connected

See https://github.com/datafold/data-diff/issues/51

If you install Visual Studio Community edition you can do free cross server MSSQL data validation and syncing using a "database project". It won't be as flexible, or as scalable, as the Data Diff tool advertised though.

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